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  • RZD on efficient logistics solutions for metallurgical cargoes at Oct conference

    Wednesday, August 19 2020
    The Director of industrial logistics and outsourcing of the Russian Railways logistics company RZD-Logistics plans to make a presentation at the XI international conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes» outlining ways to create efficient logistics solutions for domestic mining and metallurgical enterprises.

  • Discussion on seaports logistics and infrastructure at the conference on October 1-2

    Wednesday, August 12 2020
    Representatives of seaports, stevedoring companies, state authorities and engineering agencies will discuss development of port infrastructure and methods to optimize logistics operations for mining and metallurgical cargoes transportation to seaports at the XI international conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes».

  • SGMK group on optimization of logistics of metallurgical cargoes at Oct conference

    Monday, August 10 2020
    Deputy CEO of the Siberian mining and metallurgical company (SGMK) will make a presentation at the XI annual conference «Railway transportation of mining and metallurgical cargoes».

  • Belarus exchange on wood products’ trade at Sep conference

    Tuesday, August 04 2020
    The chairman of the board of the Belarus universal commodity exchange is expected to make a presentation at the V conference «Russia’s market of timber and sawn wood».

    In the presentation he will highlight the conmmodity exchange experience in organizing trade of timber products in Belarus, and chances for Russian exporters to sell timber there.

  • INFOLine to present analysis of smelting cargoes’ flows at Oct conference

    Monday, August 03 2020
    The director of INFOLine-Analytics company plans to make a presentation about recent changes in mining and metallurgical cargo transportation market within the framework of the 11th annual conference “Railway deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes”, which will be held on October 1-2, 2020 in Lotte Hotel, Moscow. The speaker is expected to focus also on coal, ore and mining production.

  • Russia’s state forestry agency on timber harvesting legislation at Sep conference

    Tuesday, July 14 2020
    Deputy head of Russia’s state forestry agency plans to make a presentation about main legislation changes in timber harvesting at the V conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market».

  • Eurosib SPb-TS on increasing of rolling-stock productivity

    Thursday, July 02 2020
    Deputy General Director for commercial and operational activities of EUROSIB SPb-TS CJSC will make a presentation about quality improvement of the rolling-stock and talk about divisional model of rail freight transport management at the conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes».

  • FESCO on mining and smelting cargoes’ container at October conference

    Wednesday, June 24 2020
    A FESCO executive is expected to make a presentation on mining and smelting cargoes’ deliveries in containers at the XI international conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes». FESCO is a Russia –based leading transportation company.

  • Lumber supplies for DIY market to be considered at Sep conference

    Thursday, June 18 2020
    Problems regarding recent changes in DIY market, forecast of lumber demand, as well as interaction of Russia's DIY networks with lumber suppliers are in the focus of the V conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market».

  • Morstroytechnology about port transshipment of forest cargo

    Wednesday, June 10 2020
    The head of the analytical and logistics Department of the company Morstroytechnology will make a presentation on port transshipment of forest cargo at the conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market».

    The event will take place on September 16-17 in Moscow at the Intercontinental Tverskaya hotel (22 Tverskaya street, Moscow).

    The speaker will talk about how the export of lumber is declining due to the reduced availability of business wood, as well as about logistics restrictions that negatively affect the opportunities for Russian exports.

    The conference will be attended by domestic and international experts from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany and Egypt.

    The event will address topical issues of Russian competition in the timber market, the development of container logistics, the interaction of shipping lines in Russian ports, as well as the problem of terminal infrastructure.

    To register and receive the conference program, please call +7 (495) 775-07-40 or e-mail:
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