About asphalt granulate in road construction at conference on Nov 27

Tuesday, November 17 2020
As part of the international online conference «Organic binders and asphalt mixes in road construction», a session dedicated to the use of asphalt granulate in road construction and repair will be held on November 27.

International and Russia's experts will share their experience in the production of asphalt mixes using old asphalt. They will talk about the experience of building roads with RAP in different climatic conditions, the impact of rejuvenating additives on the quality of mixtures, and increasing the resistance to aging of asphalt concrete containing asphalt granulate.

Among the session experts are:

Natalia Maydanova, Deputy head of QC department, ABZ-1

Aleksey Ignatiev, Director, Construction and transport engineering Institute, Yaroslavl State Technical University

Nadezhda Savenkova, Deputy CEO for innovative work and quality, Autobahn group

Andrey Akimov, Leading engineer of high-technology center, Belgorod state technological university BSTU

Sergey Dymov, Sales director for Nothern and Eastern Europe, Gencor Industries

Hervé Riche, Product and technical manager, MARINI-ERMONT

Andrey Lupanov, CEO, ABZ Kapotnya

Dmitriy Pakharenko, Chief technologist, VAD

Evgeny Damie, advisor to the head, ROSDORNII

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