• Sudoma on Russia’s premium construction materials at conference on September 16-17

    Wednesday, May 27 2020
    The director of the SUDOMA timber industry complex is planning to make a presentation at the conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market» about premium construction materials produced in Russia, as well as about their competitiveness in the global market.

    The event will take place on September 16-17 in Moscow at the Intercontinental Tverskaya hotel (22 Tverskaya street, Moscow).

    The speaker will talk about how Russian companies compete in obtaining export contracts in this market, about the potential for market development, the impact of the pandemic on demand, as well as about the rules of the game.

    Trends in the wood processing markets will be the key subject of one session within the framework of the conference.

    Among other topics of the session are:
    • Financial indicators of the largest players in LPC, the position of sawmills;
    • New value-added products and solutions;
    • The requirements of the consumers to the suppliers of raw materials;
    • Forest and raw materials support for enterprises. Problems and ways to solve them.

    To register and receive the conference program, please call +7 (495) 775-07-40 or e-mail:
  • Trends in timber exports to China at conference on June 16-17

    Monday, March 30 2020
    Analysis of the situation in the timber industry market in China and Asia-Pacific as a result of the pandemic and economic crisis will be discussed in the framework of a special session at the conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market 2020».
  • Russia’s Technical University to present rolled granulate use method at March conference

    Wednesday, February 19 2020
    The head of the Institute of construction and transport engineers at the Yaroslavl state technical University (YGTU) plans to make a presentation at the conference “Production and use of asphalt concrete mixtures in Russia” about the experience of using rolled asphalt concrete granulate as a road coating.
  • Lukoil to present research methods for asphalt concrete mixes at March conference

    Thursday, February 13 2020
    Russia’s leading oil and gas producer Lukoil in the face of its branch Lukoil International is expected to present at the international conference “Production and use of asphalt concrete mixtures” its research methods of asphalt concrete’s low-temperature characteristics and its quality dependence on bitumen and mixes’ features.
  • Asphalt-Kachestvo about new technologies to boost road use time before repair at Maxconference

    Tuesday, February 11 2020
    A top manager of Russia’s road construction firm Asphalt-Kachestvo plans to make a presentation about the company’s experience in using innovating technologies in road construction at the international conference “Production and use of asphalt concrete mixes in Russia”.
  • Forests restoration measures in Irkutsk region at February conference

    Wednesday, February 05 2020
    Forest Ministry of Russia’s East Siberian Irkutsk region will present its overview of measures to restore local forests at the 5th conference «Land use in mineral resources development.»
  • FEHRL on performance assessment of asphalt concrete at March conference

    Tuesday, February 04 2020
    A high-ranking official of Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL) is expected to make a presentation about EU methods to assess asphalt concrete performance at the international conference “Production and use of asphalt concrete mixes in Russia”. The event will take place on 25-26 March in Moscow at Intercontinental Hotel Tverskaya ( Moscow, Tverskaya str, 22).
  • Public servitude legislation in the focus at February conference

    Wednesday, January 29 2020
    The legislation on public servitude will be discussed within a framework of a special session at the 5th conference «Land use in mineral resources development».
  • State regulation of land reclamation in the focus of February conference in Moscow

    Tuesday, January 21 2020
    The issue regarding experience of land reclamation in accordance with Russian government resolution as of July 10, 2018 № 800 will be discussed within a framework of a special session at the at the 5th conference «Land use in mineral resources development.»
  • About land use in Russian North and Arctic at February conference

    Monday, January 13 2020
    The chairman of Sakha Yakutia State Assembly’s Committee on land use relations, natural resources and environment will speak about the problems of land legislation for subsoil users in Russia”s North and Arctic at the 5th conference «Land use in mineral resources development.»
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