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  • Peculiarities of Russia`s oil product trade on conference agenda

    Thursday, July 28 2016
    Peculiarities of oil product trade in different regions of Russia – from Сauсasus to Siberia — will be in the focus of the VII International conference «Russia's oil product market: basic development vectors» (October 14, 2016, Moscow).
  • New generation of rolling stock: a choice in favour of innovations

    Wednesday, July 27 2016
    The new generation rolling stock costs more but it is beneficial to use it. Russia’s largest coal association – SUEK – will share the corresponding practical experience at the VII International conference “Rail deliveries of mining & smelting cargoes” (September 29-30, 2016, Moscow).
  • Russia’s Crushed Stone Market 2016 conference resolution

    Tuesday, July 26 2016
    Following the results of the 3rd international conference Russia’s Crushed Stone Market 2016 (May 26-27, 2016), there has been drawn up a resolution that lists ideas on the industry development in today’s market environment. Over 150 top managers from crushed stone production facilities, quarries and machinery building plants took part in the conference.
  • Severstal: ways to attract metallurgical cargoes to railroad

    Thursday, July 21 2016
    Natalia Semenova, head of deliveries department of Severstal, will share the experience of attracting metallurgical cargoes to railroad under the conditions of strict logistic service requirements.
  • Expert: airlines need a network of fueling stations.

    Monday, July 18 2016
    Jet fuel consumers – airports, airlines and aircraft repair plants — need an extensive network of fueling stations, which could operate even in the most remote regions of Russia
  • Economics of mining&smelting product deliveries by river

    Thursday, July 14 2016
  • National brands vs international: who wins

    Tuesday, July 12 2016
    Russia`s oil product retailers are facing a dilemma — to operate in the domestic retail market under its own or an international brand. What is more profitable and efficient?
  • Removing «bottlenecks»: ports and Russian Railways should join efforts

    Monday, July 11 2016
    Railroad infrastructure projects and access to sea ports for smelting cargoes will be in the focus of the VII International Conference «Railway Deliveries of Mining & Smelting Cargoes» (September 29-30, 2016, Moscow). There will be other topics on the agenda regarding the issue: “debottlenecking” in steel & mining products transportation and development of international transportation corridors.
  • Alternative to petrol: a prospective trend in oil refining

    Wednesday, July 06 2016
    Synthetic motor fuels production as an alternative way of oil products usage will be discussed at the VII International Conference «Russia's oil product market: basic development vectors» (October 14, 2016, Moscow).
  • Switching to Euro-5: an insight

    Tuesday, July 05 2016
    Top-managers of Russia`s oil refineries will speak about the introduction of the new ecological standards for fuel production at the VII International Conference «Russia`s Oil Products Market: Basic Development Vectors» (October 14, 2016, Moscow). The main discussion topics within the session on refineries will concern the prospectives of processing, expansion of product line and requirements for oil products quality.
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