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  • The use of RAP technologies to be discussed at 1-2 Dec Conf

    Friday, November 25 2016
    RAP production technologies and its use in road construction will be presented at the 3rd international conference “Use of different types of asphalt –concrete mixes in road construction”. The event will take place on 1-2 December, at the Intercontinental Tverskaya hotel, Moscow.

    Bernd Jannicke, managing director of “Iba Ingenieurbüro Innovation Beton&Asphalt”, is expected to share his company’s experience in using new types of asphalt. Last year the conference’s participants discussed the use of porous mastic AC mix. This year Jannicke’s presentation will be devoted to renewal and modification of road construction and the use of technologies in Germany.

    Among confirmed participants and speakers are: VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute), Eurovia (VINCI), Rosavtodor, Road construction company «Oreldorstroy», KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Federal Motorway Administration «Tsentravtomagistral», Russian Road Research Institute, Asphalt Concrete Plant «ABZ-1», ABZ-4 Kapotnya, Machine building manufacturing enterprise «Energotex», Road construction company «SP Avtoban», Lemminkainen Stroy, Scania CV AB, Russia's transport Ministry, Road construction company «Glavnaya doroga».

    Partners of the event: «KORRUS Technics», «BAV Corporation», «Lemminkainen», «DORMASH GROUP».

    The conference is supported by: «STARCO», «Avrora», «ROADWAY SOLUTIONS»

    For registration and program, please contact us by phone +7(495) 775-07-40 or e-mail:

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  • Maktren Nafta to speak about LPG loading at Temryuk terminal at conference on Dec 8

    Wednesday, November 23 2016
    Pavel Potapov, Maktren Nafta director, is expected to reveal details about LPG loading and shipment via the company’s Temryuk terminal (the Azov sea) at the 7th international conference “Russia’s LPG market: new development horizons”. The conference will take place on 7-8 December at the Lotte Hotel in Moscow.
  • Use of modern additives and modifiers in road construction to be discussed at 2 Dec Conf

    Tuesday, November 22 2016
    Peculiarities of the use of modern additives and modifiers in road construction will be discussed at the 3rd international conference “USE OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF ASPHALT CONCRETE MIXES IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION” on December 1-2, 2016, at the Intercontinental Hotel Moscow Tverskaya.
  • Supply of LPG and propylene to China through Manchuria

    Friday, November 18 2016
  • Tyczka Polsca to speak about Russia`s and Poland`s LPG markets’ correlation

    Wednesday, November 16 2016
    Piotr Kobylanski, Tyczka Polsca trading manager, is expected to make a presentation on the correlation between Russia’s and Poland’s LPG market, pricing, supply chains and LPG demand- at the VII International Conference «Russia`s LPG Market: New Development Horizons».
  • World`s leader in transport infrastructure Eurovia about special road constructions on the conference December 1

    Tuesday, November 15 2016
    Ivar Ballerstein, Eurovia's material engineer will report about special road constructions: thin coat of hot-laid pavement and semi-rigid road pavement.
  • German expert to speak on asphalt tests result December 2

    Wednesday, November 09 2016
    Influence of additives on the resistance of asphalt concrete against deformation and low temperature cracking is one of the key topics of the III international conference “USE OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF ASPHALT CONCRETE MIXES IN ROAD CONSTRUCTION” (December 2, 2016, Moscow).
  • Найти единый индекс на СУГ

    Monday, November 07 2016
  • The experience of selection and paving of SuperPave mix pavement for high-volume roads

    Thursday, November 03 2016
  • Russia`s LPG market: new opportunities and new challenges

    Monday, October 31 2016
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