Conference: Railway cargo transport: production, maintenance, repair

Date: March 18, 2024

On the eve of a major transport exhibition «TransRussia», we invite you to take part in the II International conference «RAILWAY FREIGHT TRANSPORT: PRODUCTION, OPERATION, LEASING, REPAIR».

The event will be held in a discussion format. Experts of the wagon production and repair market will discuss new opportunities and ways to solve problems for the development of the freight railway transport industry.

Key topics of the conference:

• Railcar building. Forecasts of wagon and their output demand. Upgrade/purchase tools. There is a shortage of production sites. Discussions about price trends.

• Repair works for bulk railcars. Volumes of railcars under repair. Surplus or shortage of repair capacity. Repairwork quality. New market participants.

• Spare parts. Provision of spare parts for car repair companies. China-originated spare

The event will bring together wagon repair companies, manufacturers of rolling stock and spare parts, owners and operators of rolling stock, railway administrations, leasing companies and banks, cargoes owners, scientific institutes and engineering companies.

The conference was attended by more than 200 participants from different cities of Russia and neighboring countries in 2023!