Conference: Railway cargo transport: production, maintenance, leasing, repair

Date: March 24, 2023

MAXConference invites you to take part in the International conference “Railway cargo transport: production, maintenance, leasing, repair”.

Date: 24 March 2023 Venue: Continental Hotel, Tverskaya Str, 22, Moscow

The event will be held in discussion format. Foreign and Russian experts will discuss new opportunities and ways to develop the railway cargo transport industry in Russia.

Key topics include:

  • Prospects for improving freight rolling stock: production, «balance of surplus and deficit» of freight cars, development of heavy and high-speed traffic.
— Infrastructure capabilities for the placement of railcars fleet
— What kind of rolling stock does the operator need and why? Forecasts of the development of the fleet of freight cars and containers. Demand for rolling stock: semi cars, innovative wagons, dumpcars, containers.
— Transition to innovation, the rejection of standard wagons in favor of reliability and speed of cargoes delivery
— Challenges for innovative railcars
— Access for Russia’s’ rail cars manufacturers to the markets of friendly countries
— Development of the heavy-weight railway cargoes
— Transportation in railway tanks: oil and gasoline cargoes (light and dark oil products), liquefied gas, special and chemical cargoes

  • Leasing of the railway segment. Leasing market in new realities.
— The cost of the rail car according to leasing market
— Balance between leasing costs and rolling stock operating rates

  • Transformations on the market of rail car repair facilities. The future of rail cars repair companies.
— Forecasts of the volume of freight cars repairs
— Repair quality
— Surplus on the rail cars repair market from the point of view of the construction of new car repair facilities
— Inclusion of the current uncoupling repair in the tariff for rail cargo transportation

  • Cassette bearings
— Availability, cost, issues with accreditation of manufacturing enterprises
— How is the work on the creation of a domestic cassette bearing progressing?
— Certification and supply of components for the production of bearings
— Customs duty on cassette bearings

Among speakers and participants of the event are: OMK Steel Way, Ural Wagon Repair Company, UVZ-Trans, PGK, IPEM, RPC UWC, RM Rail, NVRK (New carы repair company), VRK1, InfoLine Analytics, Altayvagon, UMMC-Trans, The first industrial operator, Garant Rail Service, VTB-Leasing, ALFA-BANK, VRK1, JIETIEX Rail Vostok, EuroChem, ZSK «Kuban», Logistics 1520, METALLOINVEST, Modum-Trans, OTI, RegionTransErvice, Rail TM, Severstal, SUEK, TransCom, UMMC-Trans, Transgarant, RN-Trans, New forwarding company and others.

The audience of the conference: manufacturers of rolling stock and components, owners and operators of rolling stock, railway administrations, engineering companies, leasing companies and banks, cargo owners (metallurgical, coal, grain, chemical enterprises), repair companies.

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