Conference: Online. Current challenges for Russia’s LPG market.

Date: August 27, 2020

LPG video conference covering production, price, sales issues held in Moscow MAXConference held a video conference «Current challenges for Russia’s LPG market. Demand, supply and pricing».

Due to the limitations caused by the covid, the event was held in a mixed mode: leading industry experts from Russia’s and Russia-based companies and ministries were personally present in Moscow, taking part in a round table on the topic, while presentations from their colleagues from the regions were broadcast.

The conference audience followed the discussion and could ask questions online. The event was attended by experts from the Russia’s energy ministry, Federal antimonopoly service (FAS), Spimex, as well as companies: Gazprom GNP sales, SIBUR, Thomson Reuters, Petroleum trading, Kvazar (Dagestan Association of GNS), Ivanovo SG-Service (a branch of the company «Oka-Propan»), GP Vympel, Kraisgaz.

There were vital issues related to Russia’s LPG market on the agenda of the event: such as problems with sales, customer search, current supply and demand issues, pricing problems and OTC sales, as well as interaction between government officials and domestic LPG producers and traders.
Colleagues of Moscow experts from the regions shared their experience and told about what they expect from regulators, how they see the market and what are the peculiarities of work during the pandemic.

The discussion on these and other issues related to the LPG market will continue in a broader format in December at the annual MAXConference conference in St. Petersburg. Gazprom GPN-sales will be the leading partner of the event.