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Trends in timber exports to China at conference on June 16-17

Monday, March 30 2020
Analysis of the situation in the timber industry market in China and Asia-Pacific as a result of the pandemic and economic crisis will be discussed in the framework of a special session at the conference «Russia’s timber and sawn wood market 2020».

The conference will be held on September 16-17 in Moscow at the Intercontinental Tverskaya hotel (22 Tverskaya stt, Moscow) Initially, the event was scheduled for April 8-9, due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it was decided to postpone the event.

Among the speakers of the session are representatives of Ilim timber, Wilwood, Russian Railways logistics, FESCO Integrated transport, Far East investment and exports agency.

Among other topics on the session's agenda are:
Export of softwood lumber from Russia to China: trends and forecasts:
- Dynamics of export volumes (physical volumes and prices)
- Geography of deliveries and logistics features
- Rating of key market players (importers and exporters)
- The potential of Russian exports of sawn timber

Russia's Far East timber market has been facing losses since the beginning of 2020.An outbreak of coronavirus infection in China triggered a sharp decline in production, resulted in reduced demand for wood. The impact on the timber industry will affect the economy of the entire Russian Far East, as this industry is one of the main in the region. We expect all «vital» issues to be considered at our event.

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