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Creation of technical Committee for geosynthetic materials in Russia to be discussed at 24 May conf

Tuesday, May 10 2016
Yuri Aliver, head of laboratory «Geotechnical materials and structures» at regional certification center «OPYTNOE» will speak about prospects of creation of the technical Committee for geosynthetic materials in Russia. The presentation will be made in the framework of the international conference “Use of geosynthetics in road construction” which will take place in Moscow at the Hilton Leningradskaya Hotel on 24th May.

Expert with 30 years’ experience in geosynthetic materials will share the recommendations regarding the creation of Russian Standardization Committee on Geosynthetics where all geosyntetic standards and testing methods will be harmonized.

Presentations dedicated to the prospects for improvement of regulatory environment and statutory and engineering support for geosynthetics application in road construction in Russia and abroad will be made by Igor Astakhov, deputy head of Rosavtodor; Daniele Kazzuffi, chairman at European Standardization Committee – CEN/TC 189 – Geosynthetics; Evgeny Malyavin, chief project engineer at VTM dorproekt.

Among the conference’s speakers and delegates are: Rosavtodor, CEN, GK Avtodor, Research and Development Institute of transport construction complex, Siberian state automobile and highway Academy (SibADI), Regional certification center «OPYTNOE», Testing center VNIIGIS, VAD, Stroynovatsiya, Institute Stroyproekt, Soyuzdorproekt Institute for the design and survey of highways, Belgiprodor, VTM dorproekt, ABZ – Dorstroy, Novosibirskavtodor, Avtodor-Engineering, Glavnaya doroga, State road agency “Kalugadorzakazchik”, Administration of civil airports, Federal Road Agency «Volgo-Vyatskuptavtodor», State road transport control authority of Belgorodskaya oblast, Tensar, Miakom, Pinema, Vtor-Kom, SETTKA, R&D Company “Promkompozit”, SV-Service, Ultrastab, Dorstroymaterialy, TechPolymer, THRACE NG and many others.

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