Conference: Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes

Date: September 27–28, 2023

MAXConference invites you to take part in the XIV Annual Conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes».

The event will take place on September 27-28, 2023 at LOTTE Hotel (Moscow, Novinsky blvd. 8, p. 2).

The rapid changes in the geography of supplies caused by both political and economic reasons, bring serious logistical challenges to the players of the mining and metallurgical industry market. We will talk about how the mining and metallurgical cargo transportation market will develop in the absence of proper regulation of the rolling stock fleet, changes in the cargo base, low coal prices, a shortage of railway infrastructure capacity, a boom of summer passenger transportation flows against the background of an imbalance in the import and export of mining and smelting cargoes at the event.

Key topics of the conference:

  • Coal and metals industries situation and prospects. Business climate in the market of rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes.

  • Inland logistics challenges. Stable supply by rail to continuous metallurgical and coal operations.

  • Delivery of mining and smelting cargoes in export directions

  • Development of sea ports projects and logistics

  • Development of rail transportation of mining and smelting cargoes between the CIS countries. Development of international transport corridors and border crossings

  • We will be glad to see you among the participants of the conference!
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