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Decarbonization issues in metallurgical industry at conference on April 21-22

Wednesday, February 02 2022
Problems related to Russia's obligations to control CO2 emissions, in particular in the metallurgical industry, the production of which has the largest «carbon footprint», will be in the focus of the conference «RAW MATERIALS IN METALLURGY: sales, production, technologies».

The event will take place on April 21-22 at the Intercontinental Tverskaya Hotel, Moscow, Tverskaya str., 22 and will be held in a hybrid format that allows you to participate in person or online.

In 2019, at the Climate Action Summit, more than 60 countries pledged to achieve full carbon neutrality by 2050, namely, to reduce or fully compensate for carbon dioxide emissions. First of all, this concerns metallurgical companies, some of which in Europe have already begun to introduce innovative methods of decarbonization in steel production.

Industry experts will speak or take part in panel discussions at the conference, sharing their experience and talking about the current trends in metallurgy which make the industry less toxic.

Among the key topics of the related session:

  1. The impact of environmental policy on the metallurgy market – a “fashion” trend or a real threat to Russian metallurgists?
  2. CO2 emission quotas: new challenges and opportunities for metallurgical and raw materials companies
  3. Scrap and GBH – new drivers of the metal charge market amid stricter environmental requirements
  4. What impact will «green metallurgy» have on the iron ore and coal markets
  5. Prospects of hydrogen metallurgy