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ICE director to speak at Russia’s Oil Products Market Conference on 7-8 Oct

Monday, August 16 2010
Mike Davis market development director of the ICE futures Europe- Intercontinental Exchange will speak at the conference “Russia’s Oil Products market: new trends and opportunities” which will take place on 7-8 Oct in Moscow.

The ICE’s executive will focus on the trends of the Brent development, energy derivatives, ICE Gasoil and other products traded at the ICE. He will also touch upon clearing instruments used but the leading international exchanges.

“In my presentation I would like to look at benchmarks, focusing on ICE Gasoil, and on Brent also as an example”- Mike told MAXConference. Representatives of the Russian exchanges Spimex (St. Petersburg Mercantile Exchange), RTS, MBNK and St.Petersburg Exchange will also present at the conference their new technologies and trading instruments which enable to launch futures trade of refined products.

IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE: ICE) operates leading regulated exchanges, trading platforms and clearing houses serving global markets for agricultural, credit, currency, emissions, energy and equity index markets. ICE operates three futures exchanges including London-based ICE Futures Europe, which hosts trading in half of the world's crude and refined oil futures contracts traded each day.