Antimonopoly Service on price index for coal transportation at Sept conference

Thursday, August 15 2019
Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) official will make a presentation about the Service’s program aimed at introducing price index for coal at exchange trade as well as price index for transportation of the product. The presentation will be made at the «Rail Transportation of Mining and Metallurgical Freights» conference which will take place on September 26-27, 2019 at the Lotte Hotel Moscow (Novinsky Blvd. St. 8, building 2).

The FAS’ official plans to reveal the results of the Service’s exchange trade committee work on drafting OTC indicators for coal. The new price methodology relates also to coal deliveries on the domestic market as it includes coal transportation indexes.

Among main topics on the conference’s agenda are:
• Key development trends in rail transportation of mining and metallurgical car a rolling stock park goes. Major influence indicators: changes in coal and metals’ markets
• Technologies improving rolling stock work and interaction between cargos’ owner and RZD (Russian Railways). Optimization of rail transportation of mining and metallurgical cargoes
• Development of Russia’s Far East, Southern and Northwest areas for transportation of mining and metallurgical cargoes. Projects aimed at improvement of railway routes to ports
• Rolling stock: production, repair and operation
• Development of cooperation between rail cars’ producers and customers. Service network

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