Antimonopoly service to outline tariff regulation on rail deliveries on 23 Jun

Tuesday, June 13 2017
Nikolay Sharov, head of department on tariff regulations at Russia’s Federal antimonopoly service (FAS), is expected to make a presentation about tariff regulation of rail deliveries on June 23 at the VIII annual conference «Rail Deliveries of Petroleum and Gas Refined Products», at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya (Tverskaya, 22)

He also plans to highlight the problem of competition at freight market.

The presentation will be made in the framework of a session dedicated to deliveries of Russia’s petroleum cargoes.

Other topics on the agenda of the session are:

  • Relationship of operators and freighters in petroleum and gas refined products transportation sector in Russia
  • Review and development forecast for the rail deliveries market of petroleum products
  • Review and development forecast for the rail deliveries market of gas refined products
  • Tariffs and competition: Current status and prospects
  • Evaluation of the crude and products truck deliveries market and its capacity
  • Rules and specifics of petroleum cargo transportation to China
  • Supply streams transformation: Increasing competition with pipelines
  • Russian Railways Price List # 10-01
This annual event brings together more than 100 delegates from oil and gas refineries, logistics and trucking businesses, petroleum and LPG traders, owners of tanks and tank-containers, loading terminals, carriage manufacturing and repair companies, railway administrations, the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia.

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