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International and Russia’s experience in the use of geosynthetics

Tuesday, May 17 2016
International and Russia’s experts will discuss the use of geosynthetics in road construction at the International Conference “Use of geosynthetics in road construction”, which will be held on 24 May in Moscow.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: VAD, Stroynovatsiya, Avtodor, Stroytransgaz, Sevzapdorstroy, ABZ-Dorstroy, Glavnaya doroga, Belgorodskaya Region Road Transport Administration, Kaluga Federal Monitoring Directorate “Kalugadorzakazchik”, Administration of civil airport (airfields), Road administration department “Kholmogory”, Highway Administration «Moscow – Bobruysk», Highway Administration «Moscow-Kharkov», Highway Administration «Azov». To be confirmed: Federal Road Agency “Tsentravtomagistral”, Povolzhsk Federal Highway Administration «Povolzhupravtodor», Highway Administration «Moscow – Nizhniy Novgorod», Highway Administration «Moscow-Volgograd», Federal Highway Administration «Chernozemupravtodor», Federal Highway Administration «Sevzapupravtodor».

AUTO-ROADS ENGINEERING COMPANIES: VTM dorproekt, Institute Stroyproekt, TransProekt, Soyuzdorproekt All-Union Trust for Research and Design of the Highways and Constructions, «Institut Giprostroymost».

PRODUCERS AND SUPPLIERS OF GEOSYNTHETICS: Tensar, MIAKOM, HUESKER, SIBUR, Maccaferri, Pinema, Machina-TST, Vtor-Kom, CETTKA, R&D «Promkompozit», SV-Service, Ultrastab, DORSTROYMATERIALS, TechPolymer, THRACE NG, BauTex, Fibertex Nonwovens, NOVOPOLIMER, Group of Companies “Obyedinennye Resursy”, RGK, Terre Armée SAS.

GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES and RESEARCH CENTERS: Rosavtodor, European Standardization Committee – CEN/TC 189, Transport construction Complex R&D Institute, SIBERIAN R&D Research Institute SiBADI, Regional Certification Center “OPYTNOE”, Testing Centre VNIIGS.

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