Conference: Organic binders in road construction

Date: November 22–23, 2018

KORRUS-Tech Group
KORRUS-Tech Group of Companies was founded in 2012. The Group consists of: ZAO “Korrus-Tech, Inc”, OOO “KORRUS-Service” and OOO “KORRUS-Technics”. The main area of activity of the Group is supply of foreign road-building and construction equipment, spare parts and wear parts from Italy, Czech Republic, Germany. The road-building equipment from Europe is known for its quality and reliability and is very popular.

The engineers of our service center have experience not only in repair of road-building equipment, but also in assembly of asphalt and concrete plants, bitumen modifying plants, emulsion plant and other complex construction equipment.

We are actively using different forms of delivery financing schemes: financial lease, delay in payment, rent.
EUROTEST established in 2002 by graduates of the Leningrad State University, with many years of experience in the research laboratories of the University and experience in commercial firms since the late 90-ies.

During the years the specialists have accumulated extensive experience and significant expertise. In order to solve all complex tasks in the laboratory, we offer a complete set of equipment according to Russian (GOST), European (EN; BS, DIN and American (ASTM) standards. We are helped by established relationships equipment manufacturers and metrology organizations.

Due to the constant improvement of the equipment was purchased by the experience of making devices in the State Register of measuring RF. We also have experience in the development and implementation of new projects in the laboratories and the preparation for accreditation already equipped. Quality and modern equipment that we offer, guarantees the quality of the tests carried out in laboratories.

In addition to the equipment to our customers we offer regulations, standards, technical and reference books.

We are focused on long-term cooperation with our customers.
Our Company has been founded on January 2009 with the name TEKFALT (Ankara, Turkey) as a Joint Stock Company to serve on road construction machinery: design, production, consultancy, after sales services and spare part services.
With the experience of our partners and management team, in a very short time TEKFALT become a well-known name in road construction machinery market with a good market share. Our Company has joined FAYAT GROUP since August 2011 as a subsidiary of Italy’s leader Asphalt Plant Manufacturer MARINI S.p.A.
Our Company has been renamed MARINI MAKINA A.S. since April 2012 and it is commercially known as Marini Turkey. As subsidiary of MARINI, we are targeting to be recognized as the best in our field of activity with continuous customer satisfaction, supplying high quality & competitive goods, honest & fast service.
The brand TEKFALT will continue to identify the economical products manufactured with the same quality already known.
The strong points of TEKFALT brand are PmB plants and emulsion plants, bitumen tanks and binder`s terminals, heating and storage technology especially for bitumen, PmB and emulsion as well as asphalt mixing plant and cold mix plant.
The official representative of TEKFALT brand in Russia countries CIS is OOO «SKS engineering» (Moscow).
The main goal of  Infratest LLC company is the supply of high-quality laboratory equipment from infraTest PrufTechnik GmbH (Germany) for the testing of road construction materials as well as the complex equipping of road-construction laboratories with the whole spectrum of necessary instruments of both Russian and foreign production. Infratest LLC is the exclusive distributor of infraTest PrufTechnik GmbH on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Dozens of completed projects for equipping the advanced laboratories of the Russian road industry was done by infraTest. Since 2016 Infratest LLC also produces laboratory and auxiliary equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Laboratory equipment infraTest according to GOST, PNST, EN and ASTM standards
  • Equipment using the SPAS technique (Russian analogue of the Superpave technique)
  • Laboratory equipment of Russian production
Wirtgen Group
Wirtgen-International-Service OOO represents the WIRTGEN GROUP on the territory of Russian Federation. The company specializes in the construction machinery sector incorporating the traditional product brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN. As technological leader, we can offer our customers mobile machine solutions for road construction and road rehabilitation, plants for mining and processing minerals or recycling material and for the production of asphalt.
Pörner Group
The Pörner Group is the independent European company for process plant engineering. As complete plant engineering provider the Pörner Group offers the full range of engineering services: from project studies and authority engineering to process engineering, basic and detail engineering as well as procurement to construction management and commissioning of the plant.

The Pörner Group offers advanced technologies in the world market and supplies complete process plants, amongst others for: bitumen, residue technologies with solvent deasphalting, dewaxing & deoiling as well as BTX aromatics extraction, formaldehyde and derivates and the new Pörner rice hull technology. With the Biturox® process, the Pörner Group is a global leader in bitumen production in refineries and offers the Pörner Bitumen Packing System, an innovative solution for the economical transportation of bitumen in cold state.

Pörner Group engineers and constructs process plants for: refining industry, road bitumen logistics, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, gas industry, pharmaceutical industry, power generation and environmental plant.

Since its founding more than 45 years ago the Pörner Group has implemented over 2,000 projects in the field of refinery, petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as energy and environmental technology. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria the company is represented in eight other locations in Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.
The Wax Division of Sasol Performance Chemicals is the leading specialist in innovative wax technology offering customers wax products of the highest quality and purity in various industries around the world

Sasobit® — the versatile additive for asphalt mix

Sasobit® suites for all asphalt applications and ensures highly durable asphalt pavements. Sasobit ensures complete process reliability for all asphalt applications at all times – including under adverse conditions.

Sasobit® is a product that modifies bitumen properties/parameter in a beneficial way. It increases the softening point /R & B and reduces the viscosity of the bitumen during paving and mixing. Furthermore it improves adhesion and allows for as asphalt mix production at lower temperatures/ Warm Mix.

Even the most demanding asphalt applications, e.g. heavy-duty asphalt mixes for airports or container terminals, will work with an additive as versatile as Sasobit. On top of that, all asphalt mixes can be produced and placed at reduced temperatures when using Sasobit, protecting resources and saving costs.

  • Stiffening effect — increase the softening point of the bitumen — significantly increase the deformation resistance especially for heavy traffic roads;
  • Viscosity reduction – enhance the workability of the asphalt mix, increase the process reliability, reduce the risk of compaction failures especially for PMB and hard binder;
  • Temperature reduction – Reduce temperatures by as much as 30 K, keeping workability well as usual — less CO2 emission, less fuel consumption, less bitumen ageing;
  • Improve adhesion and fuel resistance.
DOSAGE: The dosage levels of Sasobit® is between 1 to 3 % depends of the parameters which has to be achieved and the purpose of
Science Production Company SELENA
Science Production Company SELENA is one of the leading innovative companies in Russia. The main specialization of the company is development and integration of innovative surface-active agents (Surfactants) and chemical reagents for road construction.

The company has a modern production facility and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. The company includes a team of highly qualified chemical engineers.

Our company has concentrated more than 50-ty years of experience in the industry of surface active agents and is one of the leaders in the field of technologies to produce surfactants, raw materials for them and products based on them.

Products of SELENA LLC for road construction industry:

  • Adhesion promoters for bitumen (Anti Stripping Agents) DAD: «DAD-1», «DAD-K», «DAD-KT»
  • Pellets for Fiber Modified Asphalt Mixtures (SMA) «NanoBit-SD»
  • Additives for warm mix asphalt (WMA) «DAD-TA»
  • Emulsifiers for bitumen emulsions «EMBIT»
  • Penetrative Asphalt Rejuvenation agent for seal coating «SealCoat»
  • Asphalt Release Agent «AntiBIT»
  • A special blend of surfactants for Cold Mix Asphalt production «AsphaCOL»
  • The bitumen plasticizer for PMB production «UNIPlast»
  • Mineral Powder activator(hydrophobization) «Preparation GF»
  • Asphalt recycling agent for rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt «RevoBIT»
Honeywell is multinational company from Fortune 100 companies. Honeywell employs more than 129 000 people, more than 20 000 scientists and engineers. Performance Materials and Technologies (PMT) is a chemical and engineering part of Honeywell, includes business of Specialty Additives, essential part of Additives business is polymers for bitumen and asphalt mix modification, brand name is Honeywell Titan™. The most efficient polymer for modification of bitumen in Russian Federation is Honeywell Titan™ 7686. This polymer gives multi benefits to the bitumen like: good workability, excellent compaction, improves anti strip, fatigue and anti-rutting performance. Honeywell Titan™ 7686 may be in great help to reduce paving/compaction temperature acting as WM additive. Honeywell Titan™ 7686 improves asphalt mix performance and reduces production and paving costs, as a result we may say Honeywell Titan™ 7686 is a multi-benefit additive providing good value to PMB and to asphalt mix producers, contractors and in the final end to road consumers and to the state making roads higher quality and more durable.