Conference: Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes

Date: October 04–05, 2018

First Heavy Freight Company
First Heavy Haul Company is the biggest owner and operator of railway rolling stock in Russian Federation. It operates 32 000 railcars. Key market segment for the company serviсes is the growing export coal transportation. Within First Heavy Haul Company rolling stock is managed by a subsidiary Vostok1520 which has entered TOP-20 of the biggest railway operators according INFOLine Rail Russia TOP by the Ist quarter 2017. Also the company ranks #1 by car efficiency.

In cooperation with Russian Railways the company develops heavy haul technologies to increase fright capacity of the railroad infrastructure by the growth of train weight and load on axle. Together with Russian Railways and consignors First Heavy Haul Company makes up haul trains out of cars with improved lift capacity of 7100 tons for the eastern and 9000 tons for the western direction. Long-term contracts with the leading coal mining companies allows the last ones to minimize transport costs and increase competitive advantages in the global market.

The work of First Heavy Haul Company is aimed towards realization of technological solutions for increased freight efficiency which is beneficial for all participants: consignor, operator, infrastructure owner.