Conference: Forest lands use in mineral reserves extraction

Date: March 02–03, 2017

SOVZOND is a Russian integrator in the field of remote sensing and geospatial technologies.

Our services:
  • Thematic and photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data.
  • Monitoring of displacements and deformations of the Earth’s surface and constructions using the method of interferometric processing of satellite radar images.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and hyperspectral systems supply.
  • Remote sensing, aerial survey (including UAV), thermal remote sensing, airborne and terrestrial laser scanning.
Our products and services:
  • Russian geoinformation platform ”Geoanalitika”.
  • Information product WorldEvolution, based on the results of the processing of multitemporal remote sensing.
  • Software and analytical complex for municipalities ”GRADIS”.
  • Software for photogrammetric and thematic remote sensing data processing, storage and data cataloging, hydrogeological modeling.
  • Internet-shop of professional equipment: UAV, components and accessories
  • Ordering service FLYBER for professional and amateur UAV survey
Public projects:
  • International GIS-Forum “Integrated Geospatial Solutions – the Future of Information Technologies”

You can find the information about completed projects on the site.
ArtGeo supplies and delivers State-of-the-Art Geodetic equipment, services and software.

ArtGeo Company cooperates with the market leader in laser scanning systems RIEGL Company and many other manufacturers of laser scanning equipment and the development of three-dimensional modeling techniques, among which the company GEOSLAM, GeoSight, Orbit.
Roslesinforg Federal State Budgetary Institution
Roslesinforg Federal State Budgetary Institution is a leading scientific-production association, which carries out the most important tasks of forestry: state forest inventory, forest management, forest planning and designing, cadastre registration of Forest Fund’s lands and information support.
Our Mission is to form and systematically advance the technological and informational bases of sustainable forest management. The SFM provides for the balance between economic efficiency of the forest sector and preservation of Russian forests, which are the essential part of global environment for the mankind.
Today Roslesinforg has a network of 36 affiliated branches with more than 3500 highly skilled specialists sharing a production base fitted out with the most modern equipment and technologies. The branches of Roslesinforg are located on the whole territory of the Russian Federation.