Conference: Oil and bulk petrochemical products transportation

Date: June 26, 2020

MAXConference invites you and your colleagues to take part in the XI International conference “Oil and bulk petrochemical products transportation”.

Date: October 26, 2020
Place: Intercontinental Tverskaya, Moscow, Tverskaya street, 22

We invite experts from the following industry and enterprises to participate in the event:
- petrochemical plants, oil refining and oil production companies,
- suppliers of oil and liquid petrochemical cargo,
- owners of railway rolling stock,
- analytical agencies
- rolling stock manufacturers,
- owners of railway and marine infrastructure,
- leasing / insurance companies
- representatives of state agencies,
- Media.

Key topics on the agenda of the conference:
* Changes in oil and liquid petrochemical cargo transportation as a result of the economic and pandemic crisis. Impact of the sharp drop in oil prices on traffic volumes and flow distribution
• Market participants about the impact of the crisis on multimodal transport. What direction to give preference: domestically or exports?
• Did the crisis affect the interaction of the cargo owner, operator and Russian Railways? Is it possible to optimize railway transportation in modern conditions?
* Changes in the market of rolling stock for the transportation of oil and petrochemical cargo: tank containers vs tanks. How can one reduce the surplus of railcars on the network and achieve a fleet balance?

Among the participants of 2019:
Gazpromtrans, FAS, Kostroma oil and gas company, Ektohim, Slavyansk Eco, Baltic fuel company, St. Petersburg oil terminal, ATPU Arkhangelsk, BaltTransService, Gaznefteservice, Titan, Russian Railways,IPEM, IERT, Modum-TRANS, Morstroytechnologiya, NAANS-MEDIA, PGK, Neftetransservice, United Wagon Company, Promtransservice, Gubkin Russian state University of oil and gas, RM rail, Rosneft-Trans, Spetsenergotrans, Transport and logistics company, Ust-LUGA oil, Moscow river canal, Chernomorservice, EKTOHIM, Yatek-Logistics, System transport service, INTOPEX, Spacecom AS and others.