Conference: Russia’s crushed stone market 2018

Date: June 06–07, 2019

The 6th “Russia’s crushed stone market” conference has completed its work

The 6th “Russia’s crushed stone market” conference was held on 6-7 June in Moscow at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya hotel.

Conference’s partners: Razvitiye, Ostrov Mashin

Session’s partner — Tekhstroycontact

The event was backed by TEZCO and Kosogor metallurgical plant

The conference was attended by around 200 delegates representing Russia’s governmental bodies, crushed stone producers, traders, transportation companies, road construction firms, laboratories, analytical agencies, equipment producers and supplies.

The discussion at the conference traditionally started with the analyses of the crushed stone market, trends, forecasts, supply and demand. The speakers claim that the demand in euro-fractions of crushed stone is slowly increasing while in crushed stone responding to domestic standards ( GOST 8267-93) is stable.

The conference participants also considered the issues related to efficient switch to new quality standards by the industry. They outlined that the move would result in the improvement of asphalt and concrete and would have a long-term positive outcome. On the other hand, the industry’s experts shared their fears that the crushed stone producers were not ready to meet the demands of end-users such as road construction companies, in crushed stone produced in line with new state quality standards.

The event’s delegates highlighted the problem of the crushed stone’s increased price resulting from the rise in transportation fees, the need to invest in the upgrade of the production units and storages. The crushed stone producers claimed at the conference that road construction companies were not ready to buy the crushed stone at new prices and thus preferred to use more cheap fractions and mixes. They say that the road constructors seek now more cheap wide fractions of stone or old-style crushed stone with so-called documents of “euro-fraction”.

Important issues related to changes in stone materials’ consumption were also in the focus of the conference. The delegates complained that transportation tariffs’ rise ended in diminishing of competitiveness of crushed granite as well as its sales fall due to lack of alternative transportation options. The conference participants believe that crushed stone market would high requirements to transportation services offered by transport operators given the current surplus of gondola cars.

The conference delegates expressed their worries concerning tax relations with the government. Now, they claim, 80% of state purchases are carried out with so-called non-reliable companies which are said not to be bona fide taxpayers.

Traditionally the crushed stone quality issues were in the center of the conference’s panel discussions. The companies delivered their concerns about the quality of the crushed stone used in road and civil construction where the choice of the fraction is being made on assumption that cheap types of the crushed stone would be better. MAXConference together with industry experts and the conference’s participants has drafted a resolution comprising all recommendations, which will be sent to all industry- related state bodies and ministries.

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