Conference: Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction

Date: November 23–24, 2017

The 4th international annual conference «Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction», held in Moscow on November 23-24, 2017 at InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya, has successfully concluded its work.

Conference partners: Infratest, Wirtgen Group, BAV, Korrus-Tech Group

Conference supported by Bohnenkamp AG, Lemminkainen, Aurora, Selena

Delegates from Germany, Italy, Finland, Belarus and Russia attended the conference.

It was opened by Elena Kashevskaya and Andrey Chernigov from Rosavtodor. The main long-term road-building objective, as outlined in the opening remarks, is to assure 12-years’ period between repairs for rigid pavement and 24-years’ life between overhauls. «In an effort to uphold this new 12/24 standard, Rosavtodor and MADI (Moscow automobile and road construction university) jointly drafted a document aimed at regulating the traffic density in relation to the weather conditions, the warranty period per each road layer in conjunction with the longitudinal transverse roughness and road marking requirements,» Mr Chernigov said.

One of the key conference topics centred on the production of superpave asphalt concrete (AC) mixes. Nadezhda Savenkova, deputy CEO for innovations and quality at Autobahn group, said that over 190,000 tons of superpave asphalt concrete mixes had been laid under the Federal road agency superpave implementation programme since 2014. The session sparked a debate about superpave AC pricing and production technology. Evgeniy Damie of Rosavtodor, Mikhail Slavutskiy of Tsentravtomagistral, Mikhail Pokataev of Autobahn group, to name but a few road construction experts, were actively involved in the discussion.

Andrey Lupanov, CEO at ABZ-4 «Kapothya» then spoke about new AC mixes production and road repair technologies, including the use of foamed bitumen, cold repair mortars, plate mastic asphalt in surface repairs etc. Natalia Avetisova, technical service expert at SIBUR, gave a detailed presentation of compounding technological solutions for bitumen modification using the example of the elastomers centre.

Yulia Urcheva, senior expert for road construction technology development at Gazprom Neft – Bitumen materials, presented a set of tools for boosting AC pavements life span by NOVA-Brit.

The 2017 conference included the first-ever session on rutting. Rutting causes and remedies were addressed in presentations by MADI (Moscow automobile and road construction University), Lemminkainen, «Glavnaya Doroga» [Main Road], Avtodoris R&D and Institute of Road Surfaces.

Franz Saif, director International Business for BTC Europe GmbH, gave a presentation on latex dispersions in asphalt application, which generated considerable interest among the participants. The technology implies using vacuum distillation bitumen and the introduction of polymer through the emulsion.

As the exchange of international best practices continued, Andrea Carlessi, product manager at IPC Global, suggested using the Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT), specifically designed for hot AC mixes performance testing.

Ivan Focht, head of chemisch technisches laboratorium, spoke about the German experience in laboratory AC quality control and specifics of AC mixes design and batching.

Conference participants enjoyed a unique opportunity not only to listen to the presentations of modern equipment but also to see it. The cutting-edge bitumen quality control equipment by Anton Paar was showcased at the conference.

MAXConference offers special thanks to our speakers, moderators and discussants.

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