Conference: Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction

Date: November 23–24, 2017

MAXConference invites you to take part in the 4th international conference “ Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction". The event will take place on November 23-24, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel Moscow Tverskaya.

The conference’s partners are Infratest company, Wirtgen Group, BAV Company, Korrus-Tech Group

The event will be supported by Bohnenkamp AG, Lemminkainen, Avrora, Selena

The road construction is one of the most dynamically developed industries both in Russia and all over the world. Today’s state of the industry requires innovation approach and new technologies in road construction. All road constructors traditionally aim at boosting the life of pavement and extending time between road repair.

This year we make a special focus on problems of road tracks, their monitoring and on time repair. We expect the conference’s audience to discuss other actual road-related issues such as control over the construction, new standards, the quality of road pavement and materials used in road construction.

Among other topics on the conference’s agenda are:

  • Regulatory changes in the sphere of the use of asphalt concrete modifications in Russia
  • Practical aspects of design, manufacturing and use of materials in road construction
  • Methods of improving long-term road structure performance, increasing roadbed service life
  • Economic aspects of asphalt concrete production and laying. Innovative additives for asphalt concrete mixes
  • Methods of solving road rutting problem
  • Asphalt concrete production and laying quality control
Last year the conference was attended by experts from Russia, Germany, Sweden, France, Latvia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

Among 2016 year conference participants were: : Rosavtodor, Federal antimonopoly service, Transportation ministry, Avtoban, Tsentravtomagistral,Korrus-Tech, Astec Industries, EUROVIA, KTH, Scania CV AB, VTI, WALLMASTROKE, ABZ Leninsky, ABZ-1, ABZ-4 Kapotnya, Avtomobilniye dorogi, AMDOR, Belgoroddorstroy, Bitumen production, VAD, Gazpromneft-Bitumen, Geo-Servis, Glavgosexpertise, Doriss, Doros, DSK Granit, ЕАС Betonн, Euroasphalt, Kazcontracttrade, BAV, MADI, Mariyskavtodor, New construction technologies, Omsk Soyuzdornii, Oreldorstroy, Orenburgremdorstroy, RosdorNII, Rosnano, Selena, Tatavtodor, Berlin road institute etc.

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