Conference: Forest lands use in mineral reserves extraction

Date: March 02–03, 2017

The 3d Conference «Forest Lands in Mineral Reserves Extraction» that took place in Moscow on March 2-3, 2017 has successfully concluded its work.

The Conference was partnered by SOVZOND, ARTGEO, ROSLESINFORG.

Over 100 representatives of the coal, oil, gold and rock-product industries, power and distribution companies, as well as experts from the Russian Federal and regional governments were in attendance.

Ivan Sovetnikov, Deputy Director of the Forest Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation, delivered one of the key speeches. His presentation addressed the most pressing issues of lawmaking in forest management and engagement with subsoil users operating on forest lands. He pointed out that recent changes in federal law take on board all forest users’ actions aimed at reparation and forest land remediation. Mr Sovetnikov said that the new chapter to safeguard forests against negative impact and special protection provisions against fluvial pollution had been embedded in the law.

The lawmaking agenda was taken further by Pavel Pavlov, Chief Adviser of the Presidential State-Legal Directorate. «New forest laws are difficult to agree upon as the forest lands are currently governed by several domains of legislation: civil, land, forestry, environmental and others. From an administrative perspective this issue needs to be addressed in a holistic manner,» said Pavlov.

The experts noted that, following the changes in the law, forest plots are now subject to cadastral registration, apart from the usual State registration of rights. The forest plot records will now be kept in the Russian Unified State Register of Real Estate.

The debate revolved around the forthcoming abolition of the categories of the forest lands institutions. Dmitry Konokotin, associate professor in land law at the State University of Land Use Planning, took up this topic in his presentation. «Abolition of the categories of the forest lands institutions will deprive forestry fund of the natural site status. The impact of this law is hard to anticipate, and there is a risk of adopting it too quickly and then having to amend and alter it. While the transition is not clearly defined, adopting this law may be premature,» said Konokotin.

Within practical sessions, representatives of the Khanty-Mansi Natural Resources and Non-Energy Economy Sector Department, Roslesinforg, Rosgeolekspertiza, Union of Russian Gold Prospectors, Krasnoyarsk Regional Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, State University of Land Use Planning, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, SeverAlmaz, Industrial Ecology Legal Centre and others gave their inputs.

Conference participants were unanimous in supporting the relevance of the Conference theme and offered a broad-based momentum to resume the discussions next year.


Denis Tuzhilin, Solovyovski Goldmine (Petropavlovsk PLC)

‘Thank you very much for the Conference. Organised to a high standard, it filled me with positive emotion. The info I received provided answers to a lot of my long-pending questions.‘

Irina Titayeva, Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz,

‘I think we've got a lot of relevant information. The format of the Conference enabled live talks and exchange of views with colleagues and government representatives. Many long-standing operational problems were pinpointed and new forest and land laws were traversed. I commend the organisers for the practical focus of the Conference as well as high standards of organisation and hosting.‘

Petrova Tatyana, Pervenets JSC (Polyus),

‘Our company delegated me to 3d Conference «Forest Lands in Mineral Reserves Extraction». I learnt a lot of new exciting things that will definitely be useful in my work. Many thanks for the invitation!‘

Your ideas and suggestions about the next conference’s agenda are very welcome at +7.495.745.07.40 or