Conference: Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction

Date: December 01–02, 2016

New Russian and foreign technologies and innovative materials in road construction at the conference of December 1–2, 2016

The III International Conference on the Use of Different Types of Asphalt Concrete Mixes in Road Construction in Russia, organized by MAXConference, took place in Moscow on December 1–2, 2016.

Among the participants were speakers and delegates from Russia, Germany, Sweden, France, Latvia, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

The conference was opened by Igor Astakhov, deputy head of Rosavtodor. In his opening speech, he touched on the topic of bituminous binder specifications versus the service temperature range of asphalt concrete pavement. As a follow-up on the subject, Evgeny Damye, advisor to the head of Rosavtodor, spoke about systematization of the requirements to bituminous binders depending on the service temperature range. Special consideration was given to streamlining the road pavement design, development, construction and quality control processes. Thin-layer pavement application technologies in Russia and in Europe were reviewed in detail.

SuperPave technology was of special interest to the participants. For the last three years speakers have been following up on the situation with SuperPave application for various road segments. During this year’s conference it was reported that two road segments had been constructed so far in 2016 using this technology. According to the experts, manufacturing of such mixes (using the volumetric design) requires precise dosing of additives.

A new topic at the conference was the question of creating, raising and maintaining the environmental awareness of Russian population. On the threshold of the Year of Ecology in Russia, the participants discussed the relevance of warm mix technologies and the potential to reduce pollution emissions.

Another new topic was related to process solutions and innovative materials used in construction of roads for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. Foreign market participants shared their methods for modeling deformations in asphalt concrete layers and estimating the impact of traffic loads on the time between maintenance. Reports were presented by delegates from foreign companies and research institutes including Lemminkäinen Stroy, Scania CV AB, Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

A major point for discussion was the topic of modern additives and modifying agents for designing, manufacturing and compaction of asphalt concrete. Participants reviewed Russian experience in building pavement layers of asphalt concrete reinforced with polypropylene fibers. Foreign speakers introduced Russian colleagues to German admixtures for asphalt concrete. Russian speakers, in their turn, dwelt on the topic of domestically produced modifying agents that could be used for import substitution.

MAXConference would like to thank its partners for their support in organizing the conference: Korrus-Technics, BAV Corporation, Lemminkäinen, Dormash Group, Starco EG, Avrora, Roadway Solutions, Honeywell, Duroflex (WA 80) and Rettenmaier RUS Dorstab.

Special thanks go to speakers and experts from the following companies and organizations: Rosavtodor, Federal Antimonopoly Service, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, RG SP Autobahn, Tsentravtomagistral, Korrus-Technics, Astec Industries, Eurovia, KTH, Scania CV AB, VTI, WALLMASTROKE, Leninsky Asphalt Concrete Plant, ABZ-1 Asphalt Concrete Plant, ABZ Kapotnya Asphalt Concrete Plant, Avtodor, Motorway and railway construction department at Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov, Amdor, Belgoroddorstroy, Bitumnoye Proizvodstvo, VAD, Gazpromneft BM, Geo-Servis, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, Glavnaya Doroga, Doriss, Doros, DSK Granit, EAC Beton, Euroasfalt, Stroyproyekt Institute, KazContract Trade, KRUDOR, BAV Corporation, MADI, Mariyskavtodor, Novye Tekhnologii Stroitelstva, Omskiy SOYUZDORNII, Oreldorstroy, Orenburgremdorstroy, Partner, ROSDORNII, Rusnano, Selena, Spetsstroy-Invest, Tatavtodor, University of Applied Sciences in Berlin.

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