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Abatech about asphalt mixture testing at 12 Mar conference

Monday, January 28 2019
Geoffrey Rowe, president of Abatech company (USA, Philadelphia), is expected to speak about implementation of Superpave and advanced asphalt mixture testing at the international conference “Asphalt concrete mixes and geosynthetics materials in road constructions”.

The event will take place on 12-13 March 2019 at InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel (Tverskaya str, 22).

Row’s presentation reviews the results of Superpave implementation effort. The most significant difference between old methods and Superpave is the introduction of volumetrics controls via the use of the gyratory compactor.

Among key topics on the conference’s agenda are: 

  • Experience in using Superpave and PNST 183-2016/184-2016 asphalt concrete mixes in Russia and internationally
  • Innovative materials for repairing and renovating all roadway classes
  • Prospects for a universal technical standards base in design and construction of motor roads
  • Harmonization of European regulations on geosynthetics
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