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Ust-Luga Port about coal terminal renovation at 5 Oct conf

Tuesday, September 04 2018
Oleg Dekhtyar, deputy head of commercial department UST-LUGA Commercial sea port, is expected to speak about the port’s plans to renovate it’s coal terminal at the 9th international conference «Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes».

The event will take place on October 4-5, 2018 at the Lotte Hotel Moscow, 8 bld.2, Novinskiy Blvd.

Ust-Luga Port is the biggest and deepest port of the Baltic Sea, including the Baltic States and Finland. Ust-Luga Port is seamlessly integrated into the northwest transport network and European transport infrastructure.

Key topics of the conference agenda are: 

  • Overview of the domestic and international markets of mining and smelting cargoes deliveries. Stabilization tools
  • Rail deliveries of mining and smelting cargoes to the Azov Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea ports.
  • Optimizing the mining and smelting cargoes deliveries to Far Eastern ports. Coal as a major market maker in the mining and smelting cargoes deliveries industry
  • Developing the rail export infrastructure in Northwest Russia
  • Managing rolling stocks and relations with cargo owners more efficiently
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