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STRABAG to speak about application of porous mastic asphalt at 23-24 Nov conf

Monday, October 30 2017
Wolf-Rüdiger Wichmann, CEO TPA (STRABAG SE), is expected to speak about experience of applying and producing of porous mastic asphalt at the 4th international conference “ Use of different types of asphalt concrete mixes in road construction".

The event will take place on November 23-24, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel Moscow Tverskaya.

The presentation will be made in the framework of the session dedicated to production methods of asphalt concrete mixes.

Key topics of the session agenda are:

  • Technology of production of asphalt concrete mixes in line with SUPERPAVE methodology
  • Latex dispersions in asphalt application
  • Experience of application of porous mastic asphalt
  • Asphalt paving risk minimization amid poor weather conditions
  • Temperature conditions for producing asphalt concrete mixes with required structure
  • Peculiar aspects of laying asphalt concrete pavements in various climatic regions
  • Binder brittleness point contribution to cracking resistance of asphalt concrete at subzero temperatures: mutual dependency and methodology of selection for various climatic conditions of Russia
  • Use of foamed bitumen in the asphalt concrete mix
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