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Machina-TST takes part in II International geosynthetics conference on 19 May

Friday, April 28 2017
Belarus Machina-TST will be a partner of the session “Geosynthetic evaluation in road construction” in the framework of the II international conference “Geosynthetics in road construction” on May19 at the Intercontinental Hotel Moscow ( Tverskaya, 22).

Machina-TST in cooperation with BeldorNII tests geosynthetics. Alexander Klimbasov, head of laboratory of road constructions of BeldorNII is expected to speak about geosynthetic materials’ use in roadway and streets repair. Machina-TST is a Belorussian company which specializes in the manufacturing of geosynthetic materials.

Key topics on the session’s agenda are:

  • Construction compliance monitoring of volume geogrid
  • The use of geosynthetic materials in roadway and streets repair. Construction compliance monitoring
  • The experience of geosynthetic materials testing in the test center VNIIGIS
  • International endurance test methods for geosynthetics
  • Development of geosynthetic type designs by manufacturers for road construction
  • Primary requirements for geosynthetics: tensile strength and elongation or modulus of rigidity
  • Geosynthetics requirements to be mandatorily tested during receiving inspections. Acceptance of geosynthetics on site: How-to for road-building companies
  • Geosynthetics laboratory testing techniques. Creating rating system of test centres and laboratories
Among confirmed participants of the conference are: ROSAVTODOR, IGS, GK Avtodor, Maccaferi, Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics, Giprostroymost, Yugan Marketing, Test centre VNIIGIS, ASTM International, ROSDORNII, DuPont Science and Technologies, Bohnencamp, FKU «Moskva – Nijniy Novgorod», Road Inspection OATI, FKU «Chernomorye», Promkomposit, Dorstroymaterials, Nova Group, SV-Service, Geksa, GEOCHIM, Construction laboratory and many others.

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